I will not deal with this company again

I will not deal with this company again

The times that they tried to deliver to me I was sleeping. I explained to them that I work nights and sleep days. They never send a confirmation email and they never answer emails. I had to go to live chat and I told them and they said to put 3 items in the auction house and they would buy them. This went on for 2 or 3 days. They promised to buy the items in the auction house and never have.

Order ID—201407071236014 Paid for archeage gold.


Have been on live chat with the web site many times and have been promised delivery, but have not received anything. I am tired of dealing with this. The last time it took over a month to receive my goods…..and again I had to go to live chat many times to get it. I will not deal with this company again

I never received a confirmation email from archeage

I never received a confirmation email from archeage

I have been promised delivery many times by this seller and have received nothing to date. They do not even answer my emails and I never received a confirmation email.the reason why i buy from them is their cheap archeage gold price.

I have talked with them on a live chat and they promise to deliver archeage gold….but nothing.Since I opened this resolution case, there has been no contact from them even though I kept my items in the auction house so they could buy them.

Nothing has happened so I assume they have no intention of delivering what I ordered.The last time I ordered from them it took over a month to finally receive my order. I should have learned from that experience.

I still have the 3 items for sale in the AH so you can still buy them and then we can close this dispute. If you ask me again what the three items are then it proves that you never intended to buy them in the first place.

i decided i didn’t trust them and want my money back

i decided i didn’t trust them and want my money back

I ordered a in game product from them.this game is called archeage online,and its in game gold is called archeage online gold,Went to the live chat to ask when i would get it, got a late response(not a problem) telling me it would take longer to get it.


Not a problem in my case. so the next day i asked when it would be ready, they told me it would be ready soon.So i waited a couple hours asked again, again told me it will be ready soon.

I asked if they could tell me at what time it will be ready,again it would be ready soon.Got a little suspicious but decided to wait another day.The other day i got the same response “it will be ready soon”now

i decided i didn’t trust them and want my money back.I hope you can help me with this dispute.

  • I would like a refund.
  • send you email,you no response,pls come to live chat for delivery
  • Didn’t get my item(rs gold).Bad customer service, got the feeling i was scammed.

how to farm the wood in archeage online

wood is the most important element in archeage online,you can use te wood to make nice armor and equipment.how to farm the wood in archeage online?

there is a really good settings in the new version archeage online.you can tie bundles the seeds when you improve your farmer workstation bench.

Saplings is also the same,so what will happen after planting bundle saplings?

i am going to teach you a method how to get the wood more and more in archeage online

you need buy maple sapling trees from the npc,per price is 20 silver,it is expensive.

we need get the Shatti blessing,how to get it?use living points to exchange in our own farmer bench.

the archeage gold farmer start to log on the table now.each packet needs five maple seed and 20-Shatti blessing.

if you want to know more about how to farm wood in archeage online,check www.mmocake.com/archeage-gold

Depending on the type of tree, you may have any combination for four possible actions.
Dig1.png Dig- The tree has not yet reached maturity. You can dig it up for a chance to recover a sapling.
Chop1.png Chop- The tree has reached maturity and may be chopped down for logs.
Pick1.png Pick- A fruit bearing tree has reached maturity. This allows harvesting of fruits.
Climb1.png Climb- Climb the tree! Available on many tall, straight trees.

how to plant crystal tree in archeage

i will teach you how to plant crystal tree in archeage.it is the necessities item of the equipment .it is not open in this beta test.it is also possible to learn.

go to buy crystal tree seedlings in the fantasy island,but you need three German Philippe Carolina Star.

buy the original continent mineral water exchange volumes,but you need a conversion volume.

go to exchange the original continent mineral water at the harbor of the continents.don’t need go to the mainland

you can put a bucket in the home town. you can pour the water on the crystal tree.pouring water every 3 hours.

this archeage guide is from http://www.mmocake.com/archeage-gold

Archeum Tree

A rare tree which can only be bought on Mirage Island. The tree only grows when it has been given a batch of Auroria Mineral Water.
For every other batch of Auroria Mineral water given it will grow it’s fruit, which is Archeum shards/crystals.
When cut down it drops Archeum Logs.

blizzard also have wrong strategic on world of warcraft

blizzard also have wrong strategic on world of warcraft

let us say if Blizzard is still popular now,i don’t think it will lose so many important core employees.i think why the core employees leave blizzard is because the Blizzard influence is low now.and also the game like world of warcraft is not popular now. blizzard also have wrong strategic

in 2012 year,media MMO-Champion interview Rob Prado,”World of Warcraft” players number growing is ncreasingly difficult in recent years.the number of “World of Warcraft” users already dropped back to about 2008 year numbers.this showes the biggest wow popular decline.

if “World of Warcraft” game fall is like the natural game life.but diablo3 game also don’t have big success,from the mmocake.com's opinion,diablo 3 have so many players at first.but after so many bugs and server problem,diablo 3 is dead now.

Now what is it about a computer that will let you enjoy WoW as we have indicated above? First of all it should be a gaming computer - not some regular desktop from popular retail store or cheap notebook. And gaming computers are really different from all that no matter how many times you hear the opposite.

what problems does blizzard have those 2 years

what problems does blizzard have those 2 years

there are already many big employers leave blizzard in recent years.this is quite dramatic.Rob Pardo also leave blizzard recently ,this big resignation boom already give people more concern.

May 2014, “Diablo 3” chief producer Alex Mayberry also choose to leave the job, switch to sci-fi game “Star Citizen” R & D companies.

The end of 2013, the former “World of Warcraft" Chief Designer Ghostcrawler (Greg Street) Blizzard chose to leave, and soon after the entry of the company joined Tencent’s Riot "Heroes Union" production, once a lot of players got shocked.

And in 2012, “Diablo 3” project senior producer Steve Parker chose to leave Blizzard this maybe  “Diablo 3” major system changes related.

from the biggest world of warcraft marketplace, they tell me employers leaving a company is normal as usual,  especially large companies such as Blizzard’s industry-leading, training out of the top employers is more likely to be a high price to lure them away. But cattle away one by one, people still can not help wondering what problems does blizzard have those 2 years.

wow warlocks are masters of the demonic arts

if you are playing wow warlock class,do you want to get level 85 in 5 days.now,you need a warlock leveling guide.

Warlocks are masters of the demonic arts. Clothed in cloth, they excel in using curses, firing bolts of fire or shadow, and summoning demons to help them in combat. Warlocks, while being excellent spell casters, also excel in providing raid members with quirky buffs and utility. In Mists of Pandaria, many Warlock abilities received drastic overhauls as well as new striking animations.

Int is definitely your best stat, however gems with other stats have twice the value of Int gems, for example: 320 Haste Vs 160 Int. For this reason it’s probably worthwhile to consider matching any socket bonuses on your gear, especially it they’re Int.

For PvE – A decent quick and dirty strategy is to just equip red gems in all sockets, unless the socket has a pretty serious Int bonus. If you want to match sockets:

  • Yellow sockets: Use a Potent or Reckless orange gem.
  • Blue sockets: Use a Veiled purple gem.

PvP Power is a direct damage add in PvP and works like Attack Power. Point for point it’s probably close in value to Int, so for PvP you can put the purple gems (shown below) into all red and blue sockets and the green ones into yellow sockets.mmocake ceo talk about Warlocks

  • Warlocks can choose from three distinct specs: Affliction, Demonology, and Destruction. 
  • Warlocks can summon various demons to do their bidding.
  • Rely on various curses and drains to cripple their foes.
  • Are able to drain enemy souls and use those souls to empower the Warlock’s spells.
  • Physically weak, Warlocks choose to defeat their enemies from a distance with powerful spells.

Spiritmasters don’t have any powerful attack skills.

Spiritmasters is an aion class in game.but it is hard to play.i will talk about some Spiritmasters guide in this article

Spiritmasters don’t have any powerful attack skills. so they need use their summon to do all the things.summons can attack for the Spiritmasters,and the Spiritmasters’s defense is also low.they need depend on the summons.Spiritmasters is not interesting class.and it is really hard to control the Spiritmasters .

if you want to master the Spiritmasters ,you need learn the proper aion guide.you need do a lot of work when you play Spiritmasters.many noob don’t know how to play it,even they have played it for several months. if you already learn Spiritmasters guide,you will be the toppest pvp in aion.

aion will continuely increast without any problems.he already do a good job in aion.you need buy aion kinah,or there wil be a great risk.hope the aion have a good furture.